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There are two things I've grown to love about photography: capturing  a feeling, and unexpected technical challenges. I am always excited to take on new projects. In that, I've enjoyed shooting everything from new puppy announcements to independent wrestling to a medieval themed wedding. Whatever your photographic needs, I aim to leave you smiling. 



Nothing is quite as personable as a print for your home or work space. Some art speaks to you on a deep enough level that looking at it regularly brings you peace, inspiration, strength or a fond memory. Select some of my favorite images to enjoy in your space or gift. 


editing & Layout

My former career in research included plenty of manuscript writing and production. A thoughtful layout of your content can make all of the difference. Copy for your products, or a fresh set of eyes to edit a website or document? Let’s create something that communicates clearly and effectively with your users. 



I had an opportunity to take photos of a friend’s best furbaby who was diagnosed with leukemia. It turned out to be a pivotal moment for me as a photographer. I have since taken photos of several human and furry family members facing the ends of their roads. It is important to create keepsakes with our family members who love us through so much, and I am grateful to everyone who invites me into their lives for this.








Hi. My name is Jamie. After 15 years of studying the wonders of the ocean (yes, I really was a marine biologist), I left the field, bought a camera and found a new passion. The scientist in me adores experimenting with my camera, while my inner travel junkie dreams of taking it on vacation. I love capturing those moments and memories from snuggling your pets, rallies, combat sports, weddings, smiles with your loved ones and your latest ETSY adventure. All body types, POC & LGBTQ friendly.

Let's make some photos that make you smile!








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